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If you are a current parent and adding a sibling to the school, please login to your existing Gradelink system using the username and password sent to you and click on Re-enroll tab on the left-hand corner. Choose the link on the top right "Have a new student to enroll" and follow the instructions.

Our Masjid & Islamic School were flooded. Help us rebuild before school starts!
As salaamualaikum,

Our Masjid and Islamic School were flooded. Help us rebuild before school starts!
Click here to Support us at our Launch Good site.  Please donate and share.

MAJOR Renovations planned for the Al-Huda School
SUMMER '17 Renovation UPDATE
90% of work completed
$60k Pledged/Donated with $28k to go to reach $88k Alhamdulillah!
(updated on 8/17/17)

As salamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

Alhamdulillah, as of today the community has pledged or donated $60k in support towards this noble project but we still have another $28k to go before we reach our goal of $88k.

We are trying to raise money for the Roof and for the A/C units above the multipurpose area at the Al-Huda School.  We are planning to make these major renovations to the    Al-Huda School this summer in shaa Allah.

We are in need of approximately $88,000 to:

1. Resurface the roof above the multipurpose area
2. Purchase and install 2 new AC Units for the multipurpose area

We have applied for and
are expecting a $36.7K Grant from the State of Maryland for the roof in shaa Allah.

To support the Roof Project
To support the AC Project

Imagine the reward you would receive for providing each child that comes a safe roof and cool place to benefit from.  Hundreds of children utilizing the space daily!

"Oh seeker of good come forward." The reward is waiting for you. Race to be the one that reaps it. Be the chosen one in these few hours!
Sayeed Jaweed


Prayer Times

September 21, 2017 | 4:40 am
*1 Muharram
*Use moon sighting for exact Hijri date!
Fajr5:416:00 AM
Dhuhr1:021:25 PM
Asr4:295:30 PM
Maghrib7:087:18 PM
Isha8:228:45 PM
Prayer Calendar 9-21-2017-to-10-20-2017.pdf

Jumu'ah Salah (Friday Prayer)
1. Main Location
For Students and Staff | 1:10pm
Note: There will be no Friday prayers here on school holidays.

2. Off-Site Location
For Community Members | 1:15pm

ROOF and AC Progress

donation thermometer
donation thermometer
donation thermometer

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