Qur’an Programs Fund Continues!

Oh Allah, Make Us People of the Qur’an

This year, we had students join our Khairukum Ramadan 2020 Program from ALL around the world!

Over the years, thousands of students like our 8th grade student reciter above, Nuruddin Surzzu, have connected with the Qur’an through the support of our generous community! We have a record of 113 hufadh students – ma shaa Allah – memorized the entire Qur’an, cover to cover manifesting Allah’s Promise to protect His book.

As part of its robust curriculum, Al Huda School continues to provide valuable lessons in tajweed and tafseer while students memorize various chapters from the Book of Allah while also understanding and implementing.

When you support the learning and teaching of the Qur’an, you get the reward of all those students who study the Qur’an, including the reward of our students who teach in masajid across the region, Allahu Akbar!

Please continue to share the knowledge of the Quran worldwide. Support our mission today!

$385 – Cost of sponsoring one student’s tuition for the year

$3,850 – Cost of sponsoring an entire class’s tuition for the year

$22,000 – Cost of supporting one student through the entire hifz program

Click here to support our Facebook Fundraiser. Our goal is $25,000 to help sponsor students! Can you help us reach it?

Author: Amal Saadat