Islam beautifully unites people from all backgrounds under one faith. At Al-Huda School, this diversity becomes a vibrant platform for cultural exchange. Students from various cultures share their heritage through art, food, clothing, and more. The best part is that this cultural exchange happens as part of the educational process and curriculum.

To celebrate Arabic Day, Al-Huda School hosted a cultural extravaganza. Students displayed their Arabic proficiency by presenting information about various cultures. The students performed Annasheed in Arabic, and delved into exploring the rich cultures of Muslim countries by presenting what they learned in Arabic. After delving into the fascinating worlds of food, clothing, and traditions of the various Muslim countries, students presented their discoveries in engaging ways. Arabic bulletin boards displayed their findings, while students used their language skills to deliver presentations in Arabic to booth visitors. The young learners proudly donned the culural attire of the country assigned to them, some even crafting traditional artifacts. For example, the team representing Yemen showcased authentic spices and delicacies, explaining their importance in Arabic. A team of teachers assessed the presentations by asking further questions in Arabic, encouraging students to showcase their language skills.

This day fostered a deeper appreciation for the beauty and diversity within the Muslim world, all under the unifying power of Islam and the language that remains to be the core of it: Arabic. Learning Arabic should be one of the key aspirations of every Muslim. An ample amount of Islamic knowledge has been preserved and shared in the Arabic language, and many of us struggle to tap into it because most of it is lost in translation. The only way to get there is through the cultivation of Arabic language in children from a very young age. It is not enough for them to read, recite, and memorize. The key is to understand, interpret and communicate in Arabic effectively. This is one of the primary goals of Al-Huda School. Ultimately, we strive to create graduates who confidently navigate the rich tapestry of Islamic knowledge, all thanks to their strong foundation in the Arabic language.