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Goal: $225,000  Raised: Campaign just launched ! 

Parking Lot: The main parking lot towards the back of Dar-us-Salaam was long overdue for repairs. The asphalt had cracks which were sure to get worse this coming winter. Since summer is the best time to repave, we hired a contractor to move ahead with the work and alhumdulillah the parking lot has been repaved using general funds. Other driveways and parking areas also need repaving. NEEDED: $45,000

Bathrooms: The bathrooms at Dar-us-Salaam are used thousands of times each day during the school year, so commercial grade tiling, fixtures, plumbing, and ventilation are requirements. Both the main bathrooms for the boys and girls need to be renovated. The work has already started so that our students will have safe, functional bathrooms for the new academic year this fall, in shaa Allah !  NEEDED: $150,000

Storage and Other Fixes: Part of having such an active, bustling community is that we have lots of equipment and supplies which need storage space. A commercial storage shed will keep our equipment investments safe and ensure our courtyard and open areas are free for students and community members to enjoy. NEEDED: $30,000