Dar-us-Salaam is one of the only masajid in the region with a full-time, staffed office tasked with cultivating a culture of generosity in the community, collecting sadaqah, and exploring sources of financial support. In conjunction with Dar-us-Salaam’s Marketing Department, the Donor Care Office communicates throughout the year with regular and potential donors to update them on the progress of the Dar-us- Salaam mission, both the achievements and future plans. Several targeted donation campaigns are run each year, and the annual fundraising dinner and family night attracts around close to 1,500 supporters.

The Donor Care Office also works to procure funding from private and public institutions, both in the United States and abroad. Dar-us-Salaam’s financial need, however, doesn’t prevent it from opening its doors to other Islamic organizations. In the spirit of mutual support and brotherhood, the Donor Care Office coordinates with dozens of relief organizations, masajid, and other Islamic projects throughout the year so they can fundraise at Dar-us- Salaam juma’ prayers and during Ramadan.