Helping people experiencing financial difficulty with funds or supplies is a responsibility Dar-us-Salaam understands and takes seriously. The Zakat Foundation undertakes this responsibility professionally and ethically, protecting the honor and dignity of all aid recipients regardless of background while at the same time protecting the resources entrusted to Dar-us-Salaam. We orient staff at the Zakat Foundation so they know how to keep the entire process confidential and respectful, from the initial call, application, verification, and through the disbursement. Our secure database and verification system helps prevent abuse of zakat funds. Throughout the year, the Zakat Foundation assists local families in need of food and financial support. In Ramadan, the Zakat Foundation delivers zakat al-fitr in the form of foodstuffs to hundreds of homes across the region. To protect the honor and privacy of these needy families, the Zakat Foundation only selects people who do not know the recipient families as delivery volunteers.