Fill out this form to request an imam.

Looking for an Imam to lead the Taraweeh prayer at your local masjid this Ramadan? Look no further. Dar-us-salaam is here to help you! Every Ramadan, Dar-us-salaam sends its hifzh school graduates to masajid that require an imam to lead their salah. Our huffadh have traveled near and far to lead Taraweeh prayers, even as far as Bermuda!

The process to request an imam is pretty simple. Fill out the Taraweeh imam request form and we’ll send an imam according to your convenience. We do not charge you to send our students to your location, but request that if the Ramadan Imam is sent a great distance from his home that accommodation and food expenses be taken care of by the host community.

Every Ramadan, a number of graduates are sent all over the area. Last year we served 19 communities. We always try our best to minimize your expenses by sending huffadh that are closest to your location. Once a request is initiated, our teachers contact the graduates in the area, check their availability and send them to your location if available in shaa Allah.

If the masjid allows, we also conduct fundraising events to raise funds to continue providing such valuable services to the Muslim community In Sha Allah. These events allow us to share the message of Islam in a number of ways, and in large, continue to benefit the community through supporting the memorization of the Quran. And the best part is, you get an equal share of the rewards every time someone benefits from our services!