The Coalition of Civil Freedoms (CCF) is on a mission to defend civil liberties and freedoms, to promote a fair U.S. criminal justice system, and to advocate for the rights of political prisoners targeted in the “War on Terror.”

During the month of Ramadan, CCF provides an annual gift to their commissary accounts. They provide various resources for prisoners, such as legal support, a quarterly newsletter, reading materials, a pen pal program, and they tell their stories to the rest of the world. Apart from that, they write letters to judges and wardens, senators and representatives on Capitol Hill, and advocate for policy change, including the passage of bill that would reverse unfair convictions.

Prisons can be a very lonely place, especially during Ramadan, but your gift can make a difference. As one prisoner wrote “Thank you habibi! You brought a huge smile to my face in the dark cell they are holding me in.” JL

Help CCF send $100 to prisoners who were wrongfully targeted in the domestic “war on terror,” criminally prosecuted, and incarcerated due to their political views, beliefs, cultural identity, or activism/charity. For many of them, this gift is their only external support and it will allow them to purchase special food for Ramadan or make phone calls to their families during this isolating time. They need to raise $30,000.

Their goal is to provide a Ramadan gift to 230 prisoners. The additional funds will cover the cost of getting the funds to the prisoners, and will allow them to send emergency funds and ongoing support to needy prisoners.

Please make a generous donation here or mail a check to CCF, P.O. Box 55713, Washington, D.C. 20040.

Thank you so much in advance. Let us unite and help in peace and solidarity, for the sake of Allah.