Strong emotional well-being isn’t only about feeling confident and happy, but it is also how we engage with the world around us. How do we view our Rabb, Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aa, the dunya (this world), our Qadr (pre-destiny) when it doesn’t align with what we hope for?

Another special webinar will be hosted by iMuslimah and it is only 2 weeks away! Register for “Emotional Well-Being” on August 9th from 12pm-2pm (sisters only) with Umm Eesaa. As a student of knowledge, she will share with us the tools we need in order to maintain our spiritual, mental and emotional well-being.

Also, inspired by النظافة من الإيمان Cleanliness is part of Faith, there will also be a special presentation with Sister Nacera Hebboul on Naturally Clean: Cleaning Tips where we will learn about using homemade/natural ingredients at home.

Sisters, don’t hesitate to join us, we’d love to have you. Brothers, please share this event with any sisters who may enjoy it.

Please register for this event here.