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First Muslim Car Donation Charity in America

How does the idea of your old cherished car parked outside of your home in Paradise sound? 

That’s exactly what Cars4Jannah is all about!

You donate your old vehicle to aid the Muslim community around the world, and, “you park your old ride in Jannah” says Brother Minhaj Hasan, a board member of the Cars4Jannah team.

The initiative started as a project of Dar-us-Salaam (DUS) in 2019, at College Park, Maryland, an organization that strives to create a model Islamic community focused on education and social service. It started as a result of ‘naseehah’. In Islam, naseehah refers to a sincere advice given by someone to the other.

In this case, it was from a generous brother from the community who is in the business of dealing with junk cars and their spare parts. He advised Dar-us-Salaam about the financial benefit of accepting car donations, which could help fund the community’s mission.

He showed the ins and outs of the industry and helped launch Cars4Jannah by donating the first vehicle.

Certainly, a matter of ihsaan (sincerity)!  

The first employee Cars4Jannah hired was an 18-year-old Syrian refugee brother who worked tirelessly to pin Cars4Jannah on the map. Alhamdulilah, with good intentions and good people, today Cars4Jannah is operating in all 50 states and is now planning to expand to Canada as well.

How Does the Car Donation work?

Cars4Jannah operates completely online. It only takes a few minutes to complete the process. All you need to do is enter the information about your vehicle and your address on the website, and the donation process would begin right after that. Your car will be picked up within 24-48 hours.

The vehicle you donate to Cars4Jannah is taken directly to the auction site. The team does not even see the car, it only receives the sale amount from the auction. “We take any type of vehicle, from cars, trucks to boats. We will accept a car even without an engine!” says Brother Minhaj. 

If you are looking for a reputable car donation charity that accepts any type of vehicle, then you are at the right place.

How Does Your Vehicle Donation Help? 

When you donate your vehicle with good intentions, know that Allah will increase the barakah through it tenfolds! The amount acquired from selling the old car is used to benefit the Muslim community in multiple ways, and not just in America. 

One of the best initiatives by Cars4Jannah was to partner with around 80 Muslim non-profit organizations. Some of the notable partners include Islamic Relief USA, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and many others.

When people donate their car to these organizations – a masjid, school, or a relief organization – Cars4Jannah processes these donations and forwards the proceeds. So now donors can donate cash, checks, or cars to their favorite Muslim charity!

“The Pakistan flood relief campaign was a recent focus of IR USA, and car donations to IR USA can make a difference to such causes as well.” Similarly, a single car donation can feed hundreds of people suffering from the on-going famine in Yemen. Car donations to CAIR helps drive forward our civil rights.

“We are honored that Allah has put us in such a noble position to support so many great causes,” Brother Minhaj conveys with gratitude.

Where is Cars4Jannah Located? 

The organization is made up of a small team in College Park, Maryland, including a few remote workers. Cars4Jannah is an initiative that continues to thrive with the support of the Muslim community. If you are a donor, you are welcome to drop by and talk all about car donations over a cup of chai.

 And who can say no to that?! 

If you are a potential donor, consider parking your old car in Jannah. If Allah has given you a vehicle, He has put barakah in it, so what could be better than ending your car’s journey in a manner that is most pleasing to Him?

Got a vehicle that you would like to donate? Click here

Author: Naseema Mariyam