marriage in islam book

marriage in islam book

Over the past two years, Faith Publications has been working on making authentic knowledge about practical matters in Islam accessible to all. The textbooks have been designed keeping all age groups in mind. Bidding goodbye to jargons, and academic language, we’ve introduced a series of books on different topics such as finance, social skills, fiqh, and marriage.

One of our recent publications as part of the Gratitude to Allah series is Marriage 101: A Muslim’s Guide to the Sacred Bond. 

A prosperous marriage is one that starts with the correct intention: a sacred bond for the pleasure of Allah. How can we as Muslims cultivate healthy and Allah-centered marriages?

The book aims to showcase how to develop a healthy marriage through upholding the three Rs of marriage: the rights, the roles, and the responsibilities of both spouses within the Islamic framework.

Marriage 101 is a textbook containing colorful images, activities, and scenarios designed for readers to learn about and navigate through the beginning, middle, and sometimes unfortunate end of marriage with an Allah-centric approach. 

Topics include understanding why one should get married, aspects to consider when selecting a spouse (deen, wealth, etc.), how to go through the marriage process, as well as tips on how to create and maintain a healthy and loving marriage. It is a must read for all Muslims, single, married, or divorced.

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