Al-Huda School administration and teachers hit the ground running in the face of the virus outbreak by closing operations and training to teach online Thursday, March 12, 2020 three-weeks before the scheduled Spring Break.

“I think it’s going to be a learning process for everyone,” Sister Zara Tariq, third-grade girls’ teacher said referring to Al-Huda School transitioning to online learning. “Kids will be exposed to news things they haven’t known before.”

Al-Huda School teachers will be utilizing two platforms: Google Classroom and Zoom. Google classroom will primarily be used for assignments and homework, while Zoom will be used for live tune-in sessions and instruction.

Students were advised to take home all textbooks on Thursday and staff began their online training Friday.

“We felt armed with information as we watched tutorials to familiarize ourselves with the digital learning world,” Sister Zara said. “By Monday, we had all been exposed to online learning and completed our video and microphone testing.”

Author: Amal Saadat