monthly donations

The Prophet Sallallahu ‘alyhi wa sallam said “the most beloved deed to Allah is the most regular and constant even if it were little.”

Congratulations on deciding to invest in your retirement home in the Hereafter. Use this form to set-up your continuous monthly donation to Dar-us-Salaam. This on-going investment is guaranteed by Allaah at an unlimited rate of return commensurate with your sincerity.

Monthly Giving Hearts are committed to the long-term success of the Dar-us-Salaam community building project. Each recurring donation strengthens Dar-us-Salaam’s annual fund and enables Dar-us-Salaam to continue its educational, spiritual and social service mission.

Investments work best when they continue. So choose an amount that you can manage to donate each month. Allaah will safeguard your investment and return it to you with thanks when you meet Him, In shaa Allah.

Every single dollar counts. Every dollar donated to Dar-us-Salaam is used to share and promote our beautiful deen through education, social service, and outreach, every day of every year. Your dollar counts.

Dar-us-Salaam (Al-Huda Inc) is a 501-(c)(3) organization with EIN 52-1977912, All contributions are tax deductible. No goods or services will be provided in exchange for the contributions.