Dar-us-Salaam’s Ramadan Committee is calling on community members to sign-up to volunteer for a Ramadan walk throughout North College Park, the locale surrounding Dar-us-Salaam made up of around 3,000 residences. The walk is scheduled for Saturday,April 9, between asr and maghrib.

Volunteers will meet at Dar-us-Salaam and get their walking route and then hand out boxes of Ramadan treats and a brochure on Ramadan to homes in the neighborhood.

All volunteers would reassemble at Dar-us-Salaam for maghrib prayers and iftar.

The theme of this year’s Ramadan program is “Yaa ‘Ibaadi” (“Oh My Servant”) and the walk was inspired by the hadith qudsi wherein Allah says if a servant comes to Him walking, Allah goes to him at speed.

“We think this walk is a great way to start Ramadan off on the right foot, with action and service, because this is one of the goals of Ramadan, to try to put more of our emaan into action,” said Sister Walida Mukhtar, a volunteer on the Ramadan Committee and the Al-Huda School counselor. “This walk is a great opportunity to teach your kids about how Muslims interact with their non-Muslim neighbors … sharing experiences like this is one of the best way to strengthen your family and community bonds.”

To become a volunteer, fill out the form below. To sponsor the walk — Ramadan treats, small boxes and brochures for a total cost of approximately $10,000 — click HERE.