DUS Youth

A Conversation with Imam Safi Khan on DUS Youth

The Dar-us-Salaam community is blessed with many young and dynamic Muslims who are eager to serve the community. At the recent Al-Huda School graduation, our young graduates revealed their ambitions to become engineers,...

car donation charity

First Muslim Car Donation Charity in America

First Muslim Car Donation Charity in America How does the idea of your old cherished car parked outside of your home in Paradise sound?  That’s exactly what Cars4Jannah is all about! You donate...

Donating cryptocurrency is easy and secure.

Why Should You Donate Cryptocurrencies?

When you donate cryptocurrencies, you get an array of benefits. Dar-us-Salaam has begun to accept cryptocurrency donations to serve the community in a more efficient manner whilst making things easier for the donors. ...


✔️ Back-to-School Giveaway SUCCESS Alhamdulillah

Remember this? Ansaar-ul-Birr hosted a Back-to-School Giveaway at Al-Huda School! Check out the pictures:   We were able to give out: 400 Backpacks + Supplies 500 lb of meat 200 bags of groceries 200 hot meals   Alhamdulillah. A...


Qur’an Programs Fundraiser

Qur’an Programs Fund Continues! Oh Allah, Make Us People of the Qur’an This year, we had students join our Khairukum Ramadan 2020 Program from ALL around the world! Over the years, thousands of...


Bathroom Renovation Completed, Alhamdulillah

Donate $100 and make an impact on the lives of hundreds of children daily! Invest at https://darussalaam.salsalabs.org/duswudu2019/index.html Support the Al-Huda School Wudu/Bathroom facilities renovation project – Are you able to invest today and reap...


Al-Huda School Readies for 25th Anniversary Banquet

Dar-us-Salaam’s Annual Banquet & Family Night is an evening in support of Al-Huda School, Dar-us-Salaam and all of our community development projects. Assalamu’alykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuh Dear Community: Surah Al-Fatiha is the...


Al-Huda High Schoolers Help the Homeless

Service is not only defined by being present in the act, but the ability to reflect afterwards. The shelter we visited opened my eyes to the gift of security and company – two...