“When we think of gratitude, we usually think of the great things that people do for us, such as helping us get a job or helping us financially. but we often forget about the little things that may seem negligible on the surface, but in fact those negligible things may very well outweigh these “great” things. Nobody offered me these little things, let alone the great ones, like you two. You two raised me, fed me, paid for my education, and instilled Islamic values in me. I’m grateful for that, obviously, but you did so much more than that, and I don’t think it’s possible to offer you enough gratitude. You may not realize it yourself, but you’ve offered me endless love, and a sense of security and belonging, deep parental love, and a home that is more than just a roof over my head.

Mom, every day you wake up early in the morning to make breakfast and pack my school lunch. for school. To you, it might seem like a part of your daily routine, but to me, it is an act of being a wonderful and caring mother. When I talk about my future plans, you always listen to me with a smile, then give me profound advice. To you, it may just be a simple act of offering advice, but to me, you’re offering me unconditional support and reassurance. Such thatevery piece of success I have attained and will attain goes back to you.

Dad, you are the stronghold of my life. You always woke up early to take me to school, despite having your own work to do. If I ever want to go out and do something, you take time off your busy schedule to drive me around. You may consider yourself simply a means of transportation, but to me, you provide me with the essentials to live a fulfilling life.

Of course if I attempted to go into detail of my gratitude I would get overwhelmed. I accept the fact that I can never repay you for the invaluable gifts you gave me, but I will always acknowledge it. I certainly have fallen short many times and will continue to fall short. I certainly have hurt you many times and will continue to hurt you, for I am not the ideal child you deserve. But I will strive to be worthy enough to be called your child. As I graduate, I realize that this is not just my achievement, but a reflection of all your sacrifice and hard work. The only one who can truly repay you is Allah, and may He continue to bless you. In other words, all I wanted to do is offer a small insight into my gratitude.”

Much love,
Your Son
Al-Huda School Grad ’24

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