As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu,

I feel your anguish.

Let’s focus on the great good that may come from being forced to stay in and away from our usual activities, in shaa Allah. Let us consider it a wake up call. More of us are realizing that Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala is not to be ignored. He is Great and He alone is deserving of our worship. More people will be repentant of their sins and more mindful going forward. Those who were negligent of going to the masjid will realize its value and yearn to go as much as those who were regulars, in shaa Allah.

Families who were distant are getting to know each other and valuing one another more! They are spending time together, sitting to eat together, slowing down, making meals, walking, fishing, fasting together, PRAYING together. Could there be a more beautiful gift than one that unites families? When the masaajid reopen, they will be filled like never before, in shaa Allah. 

Goodness has emerged with more people looking out for the elders, their neighbors, and strangers. Food donations and sadaqaat (charity) of all types are increasing. Those who took for granted what they have now realize its value and are more thankful for being in the position they are in when so many are scrambling to make ends meet and living in a state of anxiety. 

People are returning to the Quran, taking quality time to read reflect, and practice their recitation alone and with their children. They are learning Arabic and Quran and Islamic Studies, among other subjects online and revising with one another and their children.

 People’s consciousness has been raised about their health and their habits. Long overdue projects around the house are finally getting done! We now have precious time that we did not have before. Let’s make the most of it.

Believers are comforted and their eeman affirmed and the qadr (determination) and quwwah (power) of Allah is clear for all to see. People are reflecting on the value of life and the swiftness and inevitability of death and what comes after. They are considering what has gone wrong in the world and what the future may hold if things continue as they have and no changes are made.

 Allah is bringing out what is inside of us. Those who had that kernel of eemaan are waking up. Those who are sick, lost, and steeped in the love of wealth and pleasure are, if not guided, slowed. While selfishness and greed are still among us, but more selflessness and generosity is evident. It is heartbreaking that there remain those who are heedless despite it all. May Allah protect us from heedlessness. 

Allah guides whom He wills. Therefore, thank Allah Almighty, Wise and Merciful, that he has given any of us any feeling of loss and longing for the masjid. This yearning for its comfort and for wanting good for the people is indeed a gift. There are those who feel no loss and may see it as a welcome break, wallahul’musta’aan (it is Allah upon whom we depend).

The opportunity for dawah has not ended but perhaps increased and those who never sat for a single lecture, are listening. Realizing. Awakening.

 Our precious Haramain and many other masaajid will return in shaa Allah. In the meantime, Allah has made the earth our masjid and it was there before any structures were built. It is our hearts that cannot be restricted, even if we are.


Brother Abdul Qaadir Abdul Khaaliq
Vice Principal • Al-Huda School
5301 Edgewood Rd College Park, MD 20740

Author: Amal Saadat