Al-Huda Pre-K is open for in-person enrollment beginning September 7, 2021.

Al-Huda Preschool re-opens on Tuesday, September 7, 2021 after a year and a half hiatus eager to begin the plans (as well as precautions) for the 2021-22/1443-44 school year in shaa Allah. 

“After a long, long lockdown, we are so ready for the re-opening especially after the new roof and classroom remodeling!” Sister Helen Mohamed, Al-Huda Preschool’s administrative assistant exclaimed in regard to the renovations that began in Ramadan and continued this past year. 

The preschool classrooms are now personalized with separate walls (instead of cubby dividers) including cabinets and sinks for individual classrooms. “I’m excited to see the parents’ reactions when they see our new look. The parents who are now enrolling their fourth or fifth child with Al-Huda Preschool will probably be the most surprised.”

Al-Huda Preschool was remodeled in 2021 with new paint, added walls and a fresh floor.

The preschool upgrades will enhance the learning experience for the young children by limiting distractions by other classrooms. The subjects taught in preschool include language arts, math, science as well as Islamic studies, Arabic and Qur’an. Most 4-year-olds complete Al-Huda Preschool with 17 surahs of the Qur’an memorized. The children are also taught the du’aas before and after eating, napping and leaving the room for recess. 

“I feel that where I fall short as a parent, Al-Huda Preschool fills in the gap, alhamdulillah.” An Al-Huda Preschool parent shares.

 “I feel that where I fall short as a parent, Al-Huda Preschool fills in the gap, alhamdulillah.” An Al-Huda Preschool parent shares. Islam is the center of the preschool operations with the faculty and staff taking the amaanah, or responsibility of the children, seriously. 

Al-Huda Preschool students with face paint during lunch.

“To me, the entire Al-Huda School, including the Preschool, is like a second home. I can’t say anything other than that I am happy with the way they care and handle my children. I like that they always keep me updated.” Sister Hayat Adem, mother of three students that completed Al-Huda Preschool. “I know my children are happy, too. Whenever I pick them up they ask, ‘Can I stay a little longer?’” 

Masks will be mandated for all teachers, teacher assistants and staff as well as children over the age of 2 years old. Classroom desks and chairs, toys and other shared items will be routinely sanitized both by the teachers as well as a third party cleaning company. 

These safeguards will allow classes to open in full force for children 18 months to 4 years old and resume previous activities that include plenty of outside play time, arts and crafts like painting, playing with sand, and even field trips to the farm, science museum and aquarium. The field trips usually coincide with the various themes such as “Allah’s Creations Under the Sea,”  “Allah’s Creations in the Sky,” or “Allah’s Creation of the Human Body.” 

Teachers, faculty and staff are ready to reunite with the young learners and welcome all new faces. 

Al-Huda Preschool includes many sensory-play activities in their learning curriculum.

All Preschool teachers are certified in early child care education and recreation, which includes first aid and CPR. The toddlers’ teachers have an additional infants and toddlers certification.  

“We are very excited to see the kids and their parents,” Sister Mirvat Mohamed, Al-Huda Preschool Director exclaimed. “We have missed them very much.”

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Nervous about the first day of preschool?

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Author: Amal Saadat