Dar-us-Salaam recently launched a non-profit project, Cars4Jannah, that accepts used cars across all fifty states as donations to Al-Huda School. 

The donation process is fairly simple. After donors enter their car’s information through the Cars4Jannah website, a local car dealer picks up the car, then Dar-us-Salaam receives the payment from the dealer. The values of the donated cars can go up to thousands of dollars depending on their condition, mileage, and model. 

“I advertised for Cars4Jannah in different ways like going to many masajids after jummah prayer and posting about it online through Facebook and Instagram,” said Marwan Nader, a staff member who is coordinating the donation process. He takes in most of the phone calls, gets the car sold, and sends tax receipts back to the donors. 

One of the most important aspects of the project is getting the word out to other communities so that they can partner with Cars4Jannah. After a masjid or Islamic organization partners up with Cars4Jannah, the organization receives its own special link on the Cars4Jannah website. When that link is spread, any funds raised through it go to the partnered organization. The biggest benefit is that Dar-us-Salaam takes care of the entire car donation process; the only thing that the partnered organization needs to do is advertise their link. The Islamic Society of Baltimore is a Cars4Jannah partner.

The new car donation project raised $12,000 for Al-Huda School this year. “This program is helping community members get rid of their old cars in an easy way, and it is also letting Dar-us-Salaam help people who are in need,” said Nader.