Dar-us-Salaam community members have recently seen a promising change in the school building: the renovations of the wudu facilities on the brothers’ and sisters’ side. Al-Huda School is no stranger to renovations–but what makes this project different from the others is its extra “aesthetically pleasing” interior design. 

The budget-planning, funding, and designing process began back in April. After reaching out to past donors, launching an online campaign, and finalizing the contract in July, the renovation team began the refurbishment process and completed it mid-November. 

A sister from the iMuslimah committee who is spearheading the renovation, as well as other beautification projects throughout Dar-us-Salaam, explained how everyone working on the refurbishment wanted it to be able to meet the needs of the entire community. 

“We are hoping it will meet the needs of the students and staff so everyone will be able to use the facilities with comfort and in an efficient manner. We also wanted to make sure we put in the highest quality materials so that it can last a long time and withstand high traffic,” said the sister, who is one of the most heavily involved community members in the project. The renovation itself took about four months–longer than the initially planned timespan because of the extra effort and customization put into the interior design.

Some of the bathroom vents and pipes needed replacement, which were all taken care of, but the renovation team went well above and beyond simple

repairs by taking the time to order custom counters, ceilings, and stalls. The counters and ceilings have unique designs that are new to the building; they were made especially to complement the entire bathroom layout. The stalls are one of the most important new features; they were also custom ordered to allow for the utmost privacy while using the facilities.

As the Dar-us-Salaam team continues to complete renovations, it is important to note the time and effort put into each plan–it is only through the community’s support that they can continue organizing these beautification projects. Although this renovation is a relatively small part of the school, it along with the other projects put together by the team continue to make Dar-us-Salaam a safe, comfortable space for everyone in the community.