Dar-us-Salaam’s Youth department, DUS Youth, now hosts a weekly CRICKET game for brothers ages 14 and up on Sundays to unite for the sake of brotherhood. In addition to the Friday night soccer games from 8pm to 11 pm (with breaks for praying Maghrib and Isha), DUS Youth is ecstatic to host the Sunday cricket games from 5 – 8  pm for brothers.

The DUS Youth Board of Trustees, spearheaded by Youth Director Br. Ibrahim Khan, emphasizes that they would love to welcome all brothers, experienced or not, to attend.

“It’s a learning experience for a lot of us,” Br. Ibrahim Khan said. “I appreciate seeing different groups and cliques that may not normally hang out, uniting for a fun game.”

He explains DUS Youth aims to focus 50% of the activities & events on fun-filled ones like sports or hikes and the remaining 50% are divided between halaqas, community engagement or other learning & development opportunities.

Because Dar-us-Salaam hosts several Islamic-enriching opportunities through the Qur’an Institute, Tooba University, iMuslimah, and Ansaar-ul-Birr etc., they split their focus between learning and recreation since this approach is a good change of pace from the norm. This provides a lot of opportunity for lateral engagement in the other types of events Dar-us-Salaam holds.

The sports’ location varies based on availability and there is normally a small fee to cover the rental cost.

For details, brothers can visit the WhatsApp chat groups to keep up-to-date:

🏏 NEW Cricket WhatsApp group for Boys’ Youth: https://chat.whatsapp.com/BRxbbpD08sLEERV35aVMmi

⚽ Soccer WhatsApp group for Boys’ Youth: https://chat.whatsapp.com/DmeQQfd78Sx5o2snAtsJsW

The DUS Youth board is currently finalizing weekly events for the sisters that may likely be either a sporting event rented in a private facility or socializing gathering.

DUS Youth is an important branch of the entire community of Dar-us-Salaam because the youth carry the torch of the future in shaa Allah. Their mission is to create an environment of Halal recreation, healthy community engagement and the fostering of true Islamic character.