2023-Jan-05 AHS Winter Performance Just Warming Up-01

 On January 21, 2023 Al-Huda School students put together the first ever student lead performance, “Just Warming Up”. Students worked tirelessly for weeks to put together an event that has been rated one of the most profound performances.  


“Just Warming Up” took the audience through an emotional rollercoaster. The room was filled with silence at one instance, and boomed with laughter and lots of tears just a few moments later as the audience processed the messages conveyed on the stage. 

How it All Began

It started with connecting Al-Huda School’s institutional goals with the Book of Allah. This led to an awe-inspiring performance that focused on the miracles of the Qur’aan. Audience members couldn’t help but to be overwhelmed with conviction and appreciation for the Book of Allah. Assessing the room as pin drop silent would be an understatement. The performers then took the audience from the school halls to the karate room dojo where they were prompted to think deeply about the causation of bullying and its remedy from the Qur’aan and Sunnah. Although a serious topic, the student performers were able to add a lighthearted twist that had the audience laughing from their bellies.

To Seek Leadership or Not? 


Leadership is an immense responsibility in Islam. Al-Huda School fourth-grade boys performed a play highlighting the importance of not seeking leadership. The audience was awe stricken as they watched Sooq ‘Ukkadth. Audience members conveyed they didn’t know how to describe this performance. They were astonished with the fact that these 9-year-old boys performed an entire play in Arabic and that the costumes and stage set were professionally thought out and took them back to ancient Arabia.

An Ode to the Superheroes! 

After the intermission the third-grade girls stole the show with a performance that was dedicated to the hardest working people we all know, our mothers. There wasn’t a dry eye left in the room as these young ladies performed and roses spread throughout the theater to all the mothers. Just as everyone thought that this performance couldn’t be topped, The Glowing Community took the stage and forced the audience to reflect on their positions on several world problems. The audience was left grappling with where they stood when it came to injustice, racism, environmental protection, and mental health. Regardless of the varying standpoints on these matters, these performers demonstrated how the cure for all these ailments in society was found in the Qur’aan and Sunnah.

The Perfect Ending 

The performance came to an end with the most powerful performance of the night! The senior

class took the stage to perform an original poem written, produced, and performed by them. You see this wasn’t just an ordinary poem. This poem focused on the All-Mighty, the King of Kings, the Most Merciful. Students recited the Names of Allah as they connected it back to the institutional goals. The audience left the theater silently reciting to themselves, WE KNOW! WE SHOW! WE GLOW! WE GROW!


What an unforgettable night and what an unforgettable event to match!