Dearest teacher,

My first impression of you was that you had an amazing sense of style. Fast forward six years, I admire not only the beauty of your modesty, but also the beauty of your heart, mind, and soul. Something remarkable about you is the passion you teach with. There were times your eyes watered as you spoke about the tafseer of our current Surah, and in those moments I witnessed what it truly means to love the Quran. As I get ready to graduate, I can do so in confidence knowing you equipped me with the formula to success. The Quran should be a friend that is never neglected because those who lose the Quran are those who lose themselves. What also truly stuck with me was your emphasis on humility throughout the years. Whenever I am overwhelmed with this life I remember your words to humble ourselves before our creator. You changed my mentality to strive for the hereafter rather than this life. Amid the chaos and hustle of school, I found peace in your class.

Your genuine care for every student reflects in the wellness of not only our grades, but the people we are today. You embodied what you taught us, and seeing this, my love for Islam grew. You taught us for the sake of Allah, and you love us for the sake of Allah. I also admire the way you prepared us for life outside of school through your signature assignment – scenarios! If I ever get caught giving dawah or responding to ignorance, it would be because of the spectacular job you did as my teacher. You are an inspiration – a brilliant and successful individual who exemplifies Islam in every aspect of life. I am ready to graduate because you have successfully taught me the value of holding on to my deen.

With love, Your Student

Al-Huda High School, Class of 2024

This year’s graduation day celebration is going to be exciting, emotional, and all the good feelings you know of! Join us to congratulate the young graduates on the of 2nd of June for the high school graduation, and on the 9th of June to celebrate the Middle School graduates, In sha Allah.
P.S. This event is open to everyone in the community, come along and cheer these future leaders of the ummah. You just need to register here, and you are good to go!