The most awaited guest will be here in less than a month In sha Allah! We all might be feeling an array of emotions about approaching Ramadan depending on the life circumstances we are in. Some of us might feel nervous, some of us might be super excited about the spiritual days and nights, and some of us might be a bit clueless about what to expect. No matter what state your heart is at, every heart shall be open to Ramadan once the crescent shines upon us. But first, we need to hear a few reminders to prepare for the holy month.

Attend the upcoming series of lectures on preparing for Ramadan by Imam Sabri BenKahla on Fridays after Isha at 7:30pm on the February 23rd, March 1st, and March 8th. Additionally, make sure you mark your calendars for the Fiqh of Ramadan seminar to be held on March 9th.