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Imagine yourself as a parent with worry gnawing at you, numerous concerns arising regarding the upbringing of your child. Would your child, despite all the tarbiyah you have given, drift from their deen in a public school environment? With helplessness, you pray, “I know the power an environment has on a child, especially when they attend a public school. Oh Allah, I feel lost, and leave the matters in your hand. Guide me, ya rabb!”

Then Allah guided you and opened the door to what you always prayed for. A beautiful Islamic community. Your children now attend Al-Huda School at College Park, Maryland, the Islamic school you once only dreamed of. Fast forward a few years, you get to see a glimpse of the Qur’an Day held recently in Al-Huda School. The video clip showcases kids ranging from kindergarten, middle and high school, dedicating their time and hearts to the words of Allah. Nothing compares to this feeling. This is the best investment in the lives of your children, all Praises belong to Allah alone!

This might seem like a little imaginary story, yet it stands to be true for so many parents in this community. As a mother of a Qur’an Day winner from the 3rd grade stated “I felt so proud watching my daughter’s name be announced as the winner, and that too for memorizing and reciting the beautiful verses from Allah’s Book!”

What makes Al-Huda School Special?

A number of Islamic private schools have bloomed across the country over the past few years. However, it is important to recognize that not all of them are the same. At Al-Huda school, we do not merely teach Islamic studies as a subject to call it an Islamic school. Rather, we make sure that Islam is integrated in all aspects of life. On one hand, our curriculum is enriched with Islamic values, history, and rulings; on the other, the extra curricular activities focus upon building strong, spiritual Muslims with beautiful akhlaq. Qur’an Day is one among many such activities.

What is “Qur’an Day”?
Qur’an day is a day dedicated to the Holy Book of Allah. Kids of all ages recite the Qur’an and are awarded for their memorization and recitation skills. The Qur’an teachers are honored for the noble work they do. Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him has said “The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.” (Bukhari). At Al-Huda School, we make sure that this is highlighted by all means.

The students are taught to recite the Qur’an and understand it right from kindergarten, and the journey continues till they graduate. Qur’an day is a testament to this Qur’an journey that each student embarks on. The program is split into two days, one for the girls, and one for the boys. The kids compete with each other, and the judges pick winners at the end. On this year’s Qur’an Day, a group of boys recited the Qur’an with beautiful Qir’aat, and then went on to make an impactful presentation on the meaning of the Ayaat they recited. Our children understand wha1t they learn and recite. This is the key to living upon Deen.

Winners and the Qur’an Teachers

The room buzzed with pride as the boys’ competition winners received their awards and gifts. The atmosphere shifted to heartwarming gratitude when students showered their Qur’an teachers with gift bags, hugs, and beaming smiles. One student then took the center stage, delivering a heartfelt speech that resonated with everyone in the room. His words painted a vivid picture of why Qur’an teachers deserve the highest honor – their dedication to nurturing young minds and hearts in the light of the Qur’an .

The girls’ section erupted in cheers as winners were crowned with beautiful flowers and presented with gifts. The celebration continued with appreciation for the female Qur’an teachers. Gift bags were offered, but the most heartwarming moments were the warm embraces and the teachers’ beaming smiles. It was a scene overflowing with gratitude for their dedication.

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And with that, the much awaited Qur’an Day came to an end. But the journey towards learning and loving the Qur’an continues. At Al-Huda School, the Qur’an is the lifeline, and the Sunnah is the path we walk on.

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