A horn with a banner and the words 'now open'

Dar-us-Salaam’s Road to Reopening at Full Capacity 

The smell of crisp autumn leaves parachutes past the parents’ cars, dropping off students in the morning now that Al-Huda School is open for in-person learning, Alhamdulillah. The halls of Al-Huda School echo with the hustle and bustle from the teachers, administration, students, and staff preparing for the school day. Dar-us-Salaam employees and community members rejoice in Al-Huda School’s reopening and plan for in-person events.

A student made sign says Welcome All Members of the Most Just Community

A student-made sign that reads ‘Welcome All Members of the Most Just Community’

We are excited. We are ready. We are here. 

A welcome sign inspired by the ayah, وَكَذَٰلِكَ جَعَلْنَاكُمْ أُمَّةً وَسَطًا  greets the community as a reminder that everything we do at Dar-us-Salaam is for His sake and in His control. All in-person activities came to an abrupt halt in mid-March of 2020. In these last few weeks, Dar-us-Salaam (home of Al-Huda School and numerous Islamic projects) has cautiously embarked the journey to reopen at total capacity. 

Which projects of Dar-us-Salaam are open?

Al-Huda School in College Park, Maryland – Top Islamic School

Rated as the #1 best private school in Prince George’s County, Al-Huda School is NOW OPEN for in-person learning. It is the largest project of Dar-us-Salaam and offers all grades, from elementary through high school. An impressive 100% of Al-Huda School graduates continue their education at a 4-year university, ma shaa Allah. If you or someone you know is interested in enrolling in for Al-Huda School, please apply here



Preschool classroom displaying chairs, tables and posters

Al-Huda Preschool is designed for premium learning and optimal engagement.

Al-Huda Preschool – Islamic Preschool from 18 months to 4 years old

With upgrades and renovations galore, Al-Huda Preschool is back with fun for our little scholars.  We are the Ummah of Iqraa, and there are so many advantages of early education, including socializing, teaching cooperation, and encouraging lifelong learning. Al-Huda Preschool plants the seeds of love for Allah and Islam at a young, critical age. Enroll today: https://www.alhudaschoolmd.org/al-huda-preschool or bit.ly/alhudapreschool


Read, recite, rehearse at the Qur’an Institute

Speaking of Iqraa, study at the Qur’an Institute to begin the journey of learning, loving, and living Qur’anic wisdom. With various timings and classes, the Qur’an Institute of Dar-us-Salaam strives to accommodate all learning levels.  Enroll here online or at the Waldorf location


A gym of youth play basketball at DUS Youth

DUS Youth hosts weekly sports events for soccer, basketball, cricket and more.

DUS Youth – Fostering True Islamic Character

Dar-us-Salaam began by youth, and for youth, accordingly, our DUS Youth department is an energetic drive to create an environment of halal recreation, healthy community engagement, and the fostering of true Islamic character of our youth. They are a big part of the hope of the future in shaa Allah. Stay up-to-date with activities by following DUS Youth on Facebook and Instagram.



A red pyramid with yellow rays spreading and a man kicking a karate kick

Aqabah Karate offers karate classes for both males and females and adults and children.

Aqabah Karate  

Aqabah Karate is an all-inclusive martial arts facility serving the DC-Metro area. Aqabah provides many opportunities for improving one’s fitness and developing self-confidence through Traditional Korean Tang Soo Do, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Yoga, and Cardio-Karate programs in a fun, safe, family-oriented, Islamic environment. Class will reboot with vaccinated adults on October 18th in shaa Allah. For vaccinated children, ages 12 year olds and older, karate courses will begin November 1st.  Direct questions and concerns to Br. Muhib muhib@aqabahkarate.com or (240)-565-8709.




iMuslimah logo with purple and pink flowers

iMuslimah is the sisters’ arm of Dar-us-Salaam on spiritual, educational, and lifestyle topics.

iMuslimah : A Halaqa for Everything Muslimah 

When you educate a woman, you educate a nation. iMuslimah is the ‘sister-power’ of Dar-us-Salaam and addresses the needs of sisters in the community – including spiritual, educational, and social. It also serves as a platform where sisters’ opinions and suggestions can be addressed and implemented. Previous webinars include Seeking Freedom from Addiction and Dependency, Islam in America Before Columbus, Ruqyah: Healing with the Qur’an and Sunnah and ‘What’s in Your Will?’ Part 1 and Part 2 , however, iMuslimah prepares to transfer to in-person events be’ithnillah.


100 red bags filled with groceries lined up to be distributed.

100 red bags filled with groceries lined up to be distributed.

Ansaar-ul-Birr Community Services (ABCs) 

Ansaar-ul-Birr was awarded ‘Top Rated Non-Profit of 2021’ by Great Non-Profits with reviews that include, “This is an organization that makes miracles happen..” and that Ansaar-ul-Birr “is the heart and soul of our community.” This project of Dar-us-Salaam is dedicated to serving the community with grocery giveaways, warm meals, donation drives, relocation and community counseling. From the Mercy of Allah, it has recently expanded past the local community and hosts regular events and collaborates with other organizations in the surrounding area.

For photos, events and updates, follow Ansaar-ul-Birr on Facebook and Instagram. Contact: ansaarulbirr@darussalaam.org or  301-551-5124




An image of a hand with a pink heart in it

Don’t make a donation – make a difference. 

The Donor Care Office, which includes the funding and marketing department, is currently orchestrating the end-of-year fundraising campaigns to recuperate costs of renovations this past year and a half to keep the above organizations (and more) afloat. When you give to the general expenses of Dar-us-Salaam, you provide the flexibility of safekeeping every organization under the DUS umbrella. Donations are accepted through our online forms, through checks, via Zelle (donorcare@darussalaam.org), or in the form of stocks. The Donor Care Office is happy to assist you via phone or text as well at 301-982-2061. Click here to donate towards all projects of the Dar-us-Salaam community.



A Muslim couples waves as their car is being towed as a donation

No cash? No problem! Donate a car in lieu of cash to support Islamic institutes

Would you prefer to donate a car instead of cash? We’ve got it covered! It’s a hassle-free ride with Cars4Jannah by your side. Park it in paradise to support causes you care about. Visit cars4jannah.com to learn more. 

What events do we have coming up?

  • ‘Extending Your Reach’ Gratitude Reception in honor of our new social service van. Register to attend this event on Oct 15th at 10 AM at Dar-us-Salaam, 5301 Edgewood Road College Park, MD 20740 
  • Drive-by Teachers Appreciation Lunch on Oct 22nd at 2:30 PM at T&L 9900 Rhode Island Ave College Park, MD 20740 
  • DUS Youth Events 
    • Autumn Exploration at Harper’s Ferry, WV, on Saturday, Oct 16th, 2021 at 9 AM. 
    • Sports are ongoing with soccer, cricket, and football options.
  • Ansaar-ul-Birr Donation Drives:
    • Hijab donations for Afghan refugees (now through Oct. 31st) 
    • Soctober Clothing Drive Ansaar-ul-Birr with Tarbiyah Academy (through October 29)
  • ‘Handling Hurt’ iMuslimah event on Oct 31st at 11 AM : bit.ly/imuslimah

For reference, check the calendar on the website for upcoming events taking place.

Which safety precautions is Dar-us-Salaam implementing?

Masks are mandated indoors for all teachers, teacher assistants, staff, and students over two years old. Classrooms and shared spaces are routinely sanitized both by the teachers as well as a third-party cleaning company.

Is the masjid open for salah?

The musallah is open in a limited capacity. You may enter the building 15 minutes before the iqamah or within 15 minutes after. Br. Ismail for a code to enter the building (must be within 30 minutes of each salah’s iqama time i.e. 15 minutes before or 15 minutes after). For questions or concerns, email info@darussalaam.org or call (301)-982-9848. 

Currently, Fajr is at 6:15am and Isha at 8:15

Friday prayers require weekly registration – join the community group here.

Or contact Br. Ismail for a code to enter the building (must be within 30 minutes of each salah’s iqama time i.e. 15 minutes before or 15 minutes after). For questions or concerns, email info@darussalaam.org or call (301)-982-9848.