The first day of school for Al-Huda Global School students is, Monday, August 30th! 

As we begin our 10 day countdown, we would like to offer you 10 reasons why you should CHOOSE Al-Huda Global School:

  1. Join the GLOBAL Muslim Community – You’re never alone. Teachers, administration, and other students are a click away.
  2. Students take the wheel and can take control over their own course-load. Whether it’s number of courses, only secular vs religious subjects – students (and parents) can decide what’s the best fit!
  3. Join LIVE synchronous courses with a flexible schedule. You can attend classes live and choose some timings that best fit your needs.
  4. 25+ years of experience with an established Islamic school (Al-Huda School in Maryland!) Alhamdulillah, we are not starting from the beginning with many years under our belt at Al-Huda School in College Park, Maryland and in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.
  5. We have enthusiastic and qualified teachers in both Islamic studies AND core courses. Many of our teachers have degrees in education, as well as higher education including their masters PhD, and/or degree in Shari’ah.
  6. Learn with an Islamic lens in an Allah-Centric environment. Even if there is no Islamic school in your area, Al-Huda Global has you covered in shaa Allah.
  7. Avoid the negative atmosphere of public schools while still receiving the core education needed to succeed.
  8. Promote independent learning; A perfect preparation for college!
  9. Connect with strong Muslim role models – morals and credentials are key attributes of our staff.
  10. Be in the comfort of your own home!


Al-Huda Global School is an online, Islamic School for grades 5th through 10th. If you are contemplating joining Al-Huda Global School for grades 5th through 12th grade, we would love to welcome you.


Apply now before school starts!


For more information:

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