Welcome Dar-us-Salaam’s new assistant imam!

Brother Sabri BenKahla is one of our longest standing community members of Dar-us-Salaam. Many of us know him as one of the Islamic Studies teachers at Al-Huda School, and if you haven’t met him, you’ve most likely heard his name!

“I used to attend Imam Safi’s halaqas at Muslim Community Center before Al-Huda School was even founded, and Dar-us-Salaam was still his dream.” said Brother Sabri. “Almost 30 years later, Imam Safi has asked me to become the assistant Imam at Dar-us-Salaam, and I am honored to take on this role.” As the assistant Imam, Brother Sabri is working on having more halaqas for the community members and students of knowledge onsite at Dar-us-Salaam. “We want to bring people back to the masjid,” he explained. “I also have plans on working more with our Dar-us- Salaam youth.”

“Sheikh Sabri has a really soft, gentle way of teaching, in a way which endears the knowledge of Allah to our hearts,” said one community member who attends Brother’s Sabri’s classes. “It’s a huge blessing for us to have him at Dar-us-Salaam.” Brother Sabri will be offering weekly classes and serving as a knowledge resource for the community.

To ask Imam Sabri questions related to your faith and practice, email him at sabri.benkahla@darussalaam.org . Brother Sabri studied Shariah at the Islamic University of Madinah, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from George Mason University. He also teaches many classes online! Check out his channel @SabriBenKahlaTV on YouTube to watch his lectures on Tafsir, Etiquettes of Seeking Knowledge, Foundations of Fiqh, and more. Imam Sabri joins Ustaz Hayat Marso as part of the Imam’s Office headed by Brother Safi Khan.

Late last year, Ustaz Hayat, who grew up in Dar-us-Salaam and earned a Bachelor’s degree from the College of Qur’an at the Islamic University of Madinah, was hired to help develop Tooba University, an Islamic education project of Dar-us-Salaam.