There is an ongoing crisis in our community, and it is time to tackle it from the roots. The marriage crisis.

Many among the Muslim youth are not able to grasp the purpose behind a marriage. The married couples are struggling to keep their marriage intact. What are the reasons behind such issues? Why are people hesitant towards the idea of marriage? How to stay married and happy at the same time?

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) stated that a righteous wife is the best gift a man could have in this dunya. He also mentioned that to marry is to complete half your deen. If marriage holds such a significant place in Islam, then shouldn’t the younger Muslims be racing towards it when the time is right? But there are certain obstacles stopping them from reaching the ‘happily ever after.’ It is imperative to tackle these obstacles.

A prosperous marriage is one that starts with the correct intention: a sacred bond for the pleasure of Allah. How can we as Muslims cultivate healthy and Allah-centered marriages? Marriage in Islam has many layers to it, and it is time to explore them all.

Join our upcoming event for BROTHERS and SISTERS: Why Marry? Marriage in Islam with Imam Safi Khan, this Sunday September 17th at 11am in Dar-us-Salaam, 5301, Edgewood Road, College Park, Maryland.