Dar-us-Salaam accepts offline donations through:

  • Cash or Check: Drop off your cash/check at the Al-Huda School donation boxes on the brothers’ or sisters’ side with address of Al-Huda School (5301 Edgewood Road College Park, MD 20740) and place in one of the envelopes next to donation box -OR- mail the check to P.O. Box 596, College Park, MD 20741
  • DipJar: Available at the front office or events; the DipJar will already have a preset amount (usually $5); simply dip your card into the DipJar and you have made your donation!
  • MedinahApps Kiosk: Located on the brothers’ and sisters’ side at Al-Huda School
  • Jewelry: Dar-us-Salaam accepts gold, silver, and other jewelry for donation. Simply drop the jewelry off at the Al-Huda School front office with your name, email, and phone number, or mail it with delivery insurance to Dar-us-Salaam Donor Care, PO Box 596, College Park MD 20741. If you are local to the DMV region, we can also arrange for pick-up. Just call our Office of Donor Care at 301-982-2061.
  • Cars: Donate your car easily at cars4jannah.org. If your car is in good working condition and it can pass a MD State Inspection, bring it to Al-Huda School along with the title and we might be able to give the car to a needy family. Please call the Office of Donor Care at 301-982-2061 before you bring your car.
  • Real Estate: If you would like to donate property to Dar-us-Salaam, or if you would like to add Dar-us-Salaam to your will, please call the Office of Donor Care and we will help you make this easy, in shaa Allaah,
  • Stocks: Dar-us-Salaam maintains an account on StockDonator.com which is a reputable online service to gift stocks to charities. To transfer stock to Dar-us-Salaam:  1) Go to:  https://stockdonator.com/donate-stock-online-now/  2) Choose “Al-Huda Inc” as the organization.


If you have any questions or concerns please call the funding office at 301-982-2061 or email donorcare@darussalaam.org to get more information on how to donate offline.