Through the Office of the Imam, Dar-us-Salaam offers Ruqyah services to anyone who qualifies. Before accepting any cases, our qualified male and female Raqis (“Raqi” is a person who performs Ruqyah) will review the information filled out in the form (see below). If you have questions about the process, please call Dar-us-Salaam’s Office of the Imam at 301-982-9848. Make sure to leave a detailed message if your call goes to voicemail. This number is only accessed by the Imam’s Office and so messages left there will be private and confidential, in shaa Allah.

Please fill out our form for Ruqyah services. The form is HERE.

In order to use Dar-us-Salaam’s Ruqyah service, you must print, sign, and date the waiver form. Click HERE to download the Ruqyah waiver form. Make sure to bring the printed and signed copy with you to your Ruqyah session.


Please use the calendars below to select a tentative date for your Ruqyah session. Dar-us-Salaam will contact you to confirm the date; do not come for a session unless you receive a confirmation from Dar-us-Salaam.