A community without its own media doesn’t have a voice. Especially in today’s environment, Muslims must speak for themselves and tell their own story.

With its motto “linking the believers together,” the Muslim Link is the largest and most recognized Muslim news source in the greater Baltimore and Washington DC region. Focusing on local news by and about the region’s approximately 250,000 Muslims, thousands of copies of the Muslim Link newspaper are freely distributed to masajid and stores throughout Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington DC. The newspaper is also available online at www.muslimlinkpaper.com, and an email newsletter is sent to several thousand area Muslims, alerting them of local news and events in the region.

The Muslim Link won several regional and national awards for its reporting from the New America Media foundation, and has been recognized by social justice and civil rights organizations like CAIR and the MAS Freedom Foundation for its commitment to exposing and responding to Islamophobia.