Recognizing the need to create a community culture where the Qur’an is close the hearts and minds of the believer, Dar-us-Salaam opened its full-time hifz school in 1999. Male and female students spend their full school day memorizing the Qur’an in small classes led by qualified teachers while continuing their other academic studies at home during the evenings and weekends. On average, students complete the memorization of the Qur’an within two and a half years.

Though most Hifz school students are in their early teen years or younger, the program has had adults students and graduates as old as 50.

Largely due to our hifz school, you can most always find young men who have memorized the Qur’an at the daily salah, leading the prayer, and standing in the ranks. Dozens of our hifz school graduates lead taraweeh prayer around the region, and our graduates teach at Qur’an programs in many surrounding masajid across the region.

For those unable to devote full-time effort to memorizing the Qur’an, Dar-us-Salaam has evening and weekend Qur’an Institutes in College Park, Baltimore, and Rockville.

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Qur’an – Surah Al-Waqiah Recited by Br Haroon Baqai | Click Here to View!

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